Frequently Asked Questions

About the Cologuard Classic

Not this year, no. La Paloma Country Club, all hospitality venues, and the golf course itself will be closed to the public for all practice rounds and during the Pro-Ams on Wednesday & Thursday. 

For a complete list of all parking lots and drop-off/pick-up locations for the week, including addresses and directions, please visit our Event Parking page.

Will Call is located at the main ticket entrance at La Paloma Country Club. The hours of operation are 9 am – 4 pm daily between Friday, March 8 – Sunday, March 10.

We highly recommend you DO NOT leave parking passes at Will Call and pre-arrange to deliver parking credentials in advance, as cars will have already parked prior to reaching Will Call and will not be able to utilize the parking passes you’ve left for your guests if not provided to them in advance. 

Items left at Will Call will require a full name at drop-off and a photo I.D. to verify for pickup.

Absolutely! We encourage patrons to purchase their tickets in advance by CLICKING HERE, but you can certainly purchase General Admission tickets and any available upgrades (if available or applicable) at the tournament’s Main Entrance when arriving at La Paloma Country Club.

All sales final. No exchanges, credits, or refunds under any circumstances. The Cologuard Classic or its partners and affiliates are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. The resale of tickets or any official items are strictly prohibited on the tournament grounds, on the golf course, in the parking lots or surrounding areas. Violators will have their tickets confiscated and may be refused access to the event. Tickets are transferable, but each individual ticket may only be used once on the specific day.   

Absolutely! Our event is family-friendly and we encourage children to come out.

In fact, kids 10 or under get in free with a ticketed adult. And little children 5 and under also receive complimentary admission into the hospitality venues with a properly ticketed adult. 

However, we ask parents of babies, toddlers and small children to be considerate of the golfers and our guests at all times, including addressing any crying, yelling, noises, or related behavior that may affect play or impact a guest experience.

To ensure that everyone has the best experience possible, we ask that you remove yourself from the venue and/or walk away from play if your child gets too fussy. 

Additionally, we encourage parents with young children to bring umbrella strollers for easier maneuverability on the course. Diaper bags (including bottles, juice, medicines and snacks) are permitted, but will be thoroughly checked for prohibited items at security points.  

Yes there is. Lost & Found for the golf tournament is located at the main entrance at La Paloma Country Club. The hours of operation are 9 am – 4 pm daily between Friday, March 8 – Sunday, March 10.

Orders or inquiries after 4 pm will be delivered to Will Call the next day. After the tournament, please direct all inquiries to info@tucsonconquistadores.com or call (520) 571-0400.

We make no guarantees that any item will be found and urge patrons to not bring any valuables with them, however if the lost item was not turned in to the official tournament Lost & Found, we recommend you also try directly calling La Paloma Country Club and/or The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa to see if your item was brought there.   

The First Aid booth is located at the halfway house behind La Paloma’s practice facility, and between Holes #16 and #18.

If emergency first aid is needed, please call 911 immediately and contact the nearest security guard or police officer, event volunteer, or golf course official. 

While there is no official dress code, we do ask patrons to dress appropriately and avoid wearing inappropriate outfits, inflammatory messages, or anything that can be considered offensive or distracting to our players and guests. No weapons or costumes 

Approved bags include small clutch bags 6″ x 6″ or smaller, clear plastic vinyl or see-through bags, or bags not exceeding 12″ × 6″ x 12″ are allowed in the tournament. Additionally, diaper bags containing bottles, drinks, medicines or baby products are permitted, but will be subject to search.

All persons and items are subject to search prior to being granted access to a tournament. Persons found to be in possession of prohibited items or bags that exceed the permitted size specifications will be asked to return those items to their vehicle before being allowed to board shuttles or enter the tournament grounds. The tournament may not provide a “bag check” facility, so attendees are urged not to bring prohibited items.

For more information on what items and bags are permitted and prohibited, please CLICK HERE.

Consistent with heightened security measures across our nation, the PGA TOUR will continue its normal security policies and expand screenings to ALL patrons, sponsors, volunteers, media and vendors attending or working at all events.

While attending any PGA TOUR tournament – including the Cologuard Classic – officials request everyone participate in making the event safe and enjoyable by being aware of their surroundings. Should you notice an activity or an individual that might be suspicious, notify a uniformed law enforcement officer, private security personnel, a tournament official, or dial 911. Everyone is urged to keep a simple phrase in mind: “See something, say something.”

As the safety and well-being of everyone who attends a TOUR event is of the utmost importance, please adhere to the TOUR’s standard tournament policies, including the following Permitted/Prohibited items.

Lounge or oversized chairs with extended footrests, or seat cushions in a carrying case with pockets or compartments are not permitted through the gates.

Collapsible or portable chairs without chair bags and without seat cushions that do not require a carrying case or have pockets or compartments are permitted. All portable chairs must be removed from the course each night or will be confiscated.

At the tournament’s discretion, food such as sandwiches many enter the tournament in a clear, resealable, plastic bag not to exceed the size of a one (1) gallon bag. Outside or “ordered” food can not be brought in or delivered. No outside beverages or coolers will be permitted. 

Pertinent weather information will be provided in the Daily Spectator guide.

The PGA TOUR Weather Policy is in effect at all tournaments. Please observe on-course scoreboards for weather messages and follow all instructions provided by the tournament, which may include seeking safe shelter or exiting the premises.

In the event of dangerous weather including high wind, heavy storms, lightning or other severe weather alerts – please take shelter immediately and avoid the following:

  • Hilltops / high places
  • Golf carts
  • Temporary structures
  • Trees
  • Wire fencing

No same-day re-entry is permitted. Once scanned, your ticket is expired and you can not reenter the event for any reason. While hospitality venue guests may leave their venue and return into that same venue as often as needed, leaving the tournament grounds completely – including returning to your car – is not allowed. 

Segways, motorized scooters, or other personal transportation devices are permitted only when used as a mobility aid by individuals with disabilities, a medical handicap, or mobility impairment.

No motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles, bicycles (whether or not motor-driven), skateboards, hoverboards, one-wheels, personal golf carts, or similar devices will be permitted to be operated on or within tournament property.

No pets or animals of any kind, except support or service animals, are permitted through the gates or anywhere on the golf course.

We politely ask everyone to please be respectful of fellow patrons and players by silencing all cell phones or shutting them off completely, especially in the hospitality venues or when close to the on-course action.

Phone calls and video calls are only permitted in designated cell phone areas. 

Photography is permitted in the common areas and during practice rounds or Pro-Am, but no photographs or videos are permitted during the official rounds of play or when any player is competing.

  • Please SILENCE mobile devices
  • Devices may be used to capture photos and videos but flash must be turned OFF
  • Content may only be used for personal purposes, no commercial use
  • No live streaming or real time coverage
  • Texting is permitted; phone calls allowed away from play
  • Please be respectful and do not interfere with players, caddies or media

Failure to comply with this policy may result in removal from the premises and/or having your camera or phone confiscated, to be returned as you exit the property.

To enhance the autograph experience for all spectators while also allowing players to properly prepare and compete, the PGA TOUR and Tucson Conquistadores have established the following guidelines regarding autographs at the Cologuard Classic:

  • Autographs can only be obtained at our designated Autograph Zone, next to the 15th green and near the 19th hole.
  • On-course autographs from players are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to tees, fairways, greens, and practice areas and tournament rounds.

The PGA TOUR is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where individuals of all backgrounds are treated with respect for the benefit of the health, safety, and welfare of all.

Everyone on property is expected to contribute to a welcoming and safe environment by refraining from and reporting any unsafe, disruptive or harassing behavior. Violent behavior, verbal remarks, and any banners, signage, posters, shirts, hats or other materials that threaten, belittle, defame, denounce, criticize or threaten any player or patron will not be permitted and may result in removal from the premises. 

By entering onto the tournament grounds, you accept that you will be subject to expulsion and the loss of ticket and/or credential privileges for the following breaches of etiquette:

1. Refusal to abide by any posted tournament policies including but not limited to:

– Adhering to PGA TOUR mask policy or other related rules and regulations 

– State and/or local regulations

2. Making rude, vulgar, profane, culturally insensitive, or other inappropriate comments or gestures or using any words or actions that undermine the inclusive and welcoming nature of the game; verbal or physical harassment of players, caddies, volunteers, officials, staff, guests and/or spectators; Distracting a player or any disruption of play; Throwing objects; Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, unsafe or illegal in nature; Failing to follow the instruction of a tournament official, staff, volunteer, or security personnel.

3. Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages is expected to do so in a responsible manner. Impaired or overly intoxicated individuals will be removed from tournament grounds and are subject to further consequence involving local law enforcement.

The tournament reserves the right to deny entry or dismiss any individual displaying inappropriate behavior or violating the Code of Conduct. Guests in violation will be subject to expulsion without refund. Hospitality Package holders and/or their guests are subject to revocation of their hospitality ticket for the remainder of the tournament. All individuals hereby agree and are willing to adhere to the aforementioned provisions.

REP Our Game
The PGA TOUR has the best fans in sports. By attending a PGA TOUR event – and as part of the PGA TOUR family – spectators are expected to behave appropriately by Respecting the Game, Enjoying Responsibly, and Playing by the Rules.

Respect the Game
The game of golf has historically been one of decorum, civility, and sportsmanship, and you as a spectator play an important role in helping to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all. When attending a PGA TOUR event, please Respect the Game by watching your distance and behavior toward the athletes, not interfering with the competition, and spectating in a safe and orderly manner.

Enjoy Responsibly
PGA TOUR events are more than just an opportunity to witness the best golfers in the world perform. Our events offer unforgettable memories and activities for families and individuals of all ages. While on-site, please Enjoy Responsibly, and respect all competitors, staff, and fellow spectators. Those 21 and up who are enjoying alcoholic beverages are expected to do so in a safe and orderly manner.

Play by the Rules
Each year, more than 100,000 people volunteer their time in helping tournaments provide a safe and memorable experience for our fans. Please Play by the Rules by ensuring that your actions reflect the values found in the official Fan Code of Conduct (below) and that you treat these volunteers, the golf course, and the many staff and vendors with respect.

Yes, to show our appreciation for our soldiers, and to honor their service and sacrifice, all Active Duty, Military Reserve, Retirees, Veterans and National Guard Service members – and one (1) dependent – can enjoy the Cologuard Classic for free.

Our military guests will also get access to our very special Patriots’s Outpost on 15 green which includes complimentary snacks, drinks and seating during the days of competition. 
This year, ALL vouchers for our Military will be distributed on-site at the main entrance of the Cologuard Classic on the day you choose to attend.
YOU WILL NOT need to print or fill out any information prior to arriving at La Paloma Country Club. Simply show up, show your valid ID, and your ticket(s) will be provided.

To redeem your free tickets and your complimentary access into the Patriots’ Outpost, ALL Military personnel must bring a valid form of ID indicating your Veterans’ or Active status, including a Driver’s License, Department of Defense ID or equivalent piece of identification.
Once your valid Military ID has been verified on-site, you and your guest will receive your complimentary vouchers which will provide you access to the tournament grounds for the day and entry into the Patriots’ Outpost on Hole #15, which includes snacks, drinks and surprises throughout the day.

Yes. With valid ID showing your current status, all Class A members of the PGA, plus LPGA, CGSAA, Course Architects and related designations (plus a spouse) will get FREE General Admission ticket(s) to the event.